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aaron_elkins_Aaron Elkins
If you’re looking for someone to blame because you can no longer turn on the TV without encountering CSI Walla Walla, or CSI Chatanooga, or CSI Kuala Lumpur, you need look no further. Aaron started it all back in 1982 when he introduced the now-celebrated Skeleton Detective, Gideon Oliver, in his very first novel, Fellowship of Fear.

And he’s still at it. – More…

charlotte-0911__Charlotte Elkins
Charlotte was busily juggling writing romances with her day job of working as the American Art librarian at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, when it occurred to her that she could even make her life more complicated by joining forces with husband Aaron on a mystery. The result was a five-book series starring Lee Ofsted, a struggling young golfer on the women’s pro tour with a penchant for hitting into trouble. Now the two are at it again with their new mystery series about art expert Alix London. – More…

Publishers Weekly Reviews A CRUISE TO DIE FOR

Aaron and Charlotte Elkins. Amazon/Thomas & Mercer, $14.95 trade paper (320p)
In the Elkinses’ lively, well-crafted second caper featuring Alix London (after 2012’s A Dangerous Talent), Ted Ellesworth of the FBI’s Art Crime Team recruits the Harvard-educated art historian to pose as a lecturer aboard the opulent yacht of Panos Papadakis, a Greek tycoon long suspected of running a Ponzi scheme. Papadakis is about to auction off some of his multimillion-dollar art collection, and Alix—young, pretty, and possessed of an uncanny eye for spotting forgeries—easily fits in with the colorful and well-heeled group that includes Papadakis’s imperious wife, a former opera star; Izzy Clinke, a flamboyant pop singer known as Pocahontas; and the Countess of Brabant’s nephew, the charming Roland de Beauvois, who’s not who he seems. Dramatic developments include Alix getting knocked unconscious while contemplating a Manet and the murder of a master art forger in New York. Everything in this witty, mildly romantic mystery connects in surprising ways. Agent: Lisa Erbach Vance, Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency. (Sept.)

“…lively, well-crafted…dramatic developments…Everything in this witty, mildly romantic mystery connects in surprising ways.”
— Publishers Weekly